JB Oilfield Products and Services

Rod Pump Sales & Repairs

Rod Pump Sales & RepairsNew & rebuilt pumps available exchange for most of the popular sizes using parts from: Weatherford, Precision pump, Browning, Madden, Darcova, Lubrukup

Packer Sales & Repair

Packer Sales & RepairNew & rebuilt from 2”-7” Tension or Set Down

Well Supplies

Well SuppliesWell Heads, Stuffing Boxes, Polish Rod, Polish Rod Clamps, Polish Rod Liners, Pump Joints, Pup Joints, Pony Rods, Belts, Pipe Dope, Teflon Tape & Packing

Fairbanks Engine Parts

Fairbanks Engine PartsMag & Head Repair, New Radiators, Electronic Ignitions

All Fairbanks Parts Available

Valves & Fittings

Valves & FittingsSteel, Stainless and brass: Fittings, Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Clamps, Sleeves and any size fitting you may need.

Rig Tools

Rig ToolsO’Bannon Rod Elevators, Rod Hooks, Fishing Tools, Ratigan Hooks, Swivels, Guiberson Slips, Swab Cups, New Sand Pumps, Cable Tools, Power Tong Parts, Rod Wrenches, Tap, Dies, Brushes, Depthometers. Any Part or Piece to Keep Your Rig Running